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Tie debut, Transmissions introduced not only Starset but also The Starset Society, a shadowy, anonymous-like group of real-world rooted scientists admonishing the dangers of technology and dystopia gone amuck. Now, just a mere two years later, we are seeing Bates scientific speculation become science fact. While fully fleshed-out in his recently self-published novel, The Prox Transmissions, Bates lyrical themes of exo-planet discovery and colonization, coupled with the impact of rapid advances in technology including 3-D printing,are proving Starset a truly visionary multi-media collective.While Transmissionswas indeed a landmark album, selling in excess of a quarter million combined albums, streams and downloads, and propelled by singles including the unforgettable My Demons(which spent an unprecedented 43 weeks scaling rock charts),Bates approached Vesselswith a singular intent on pushing boundaries.Once again produced by Rob Graves(Halestorm,Red) and mixed by Ben Grosse(Breaking Benjamin, Filter) the results speak for themselves. From atmospheric opener, Back To The Earthto the driving hooks of the albums first single, Monsterto the catchy, nearly progressive moments of Frequency, Bateshas succeeded in escaping the gravity of formula radio rock. Instead, hehas reimagined his genre-defying vision as an arena where Hans Zimmer interfaces with Radiohead and Trent Reznor.Where Transmissions over-arching concept focused on a message from the planet Prox a future haven from a dying Earth, Vesselssplits its narrative into an interconnected interzone of four separate dangerous visions. From a return to Prox to an admonishment of the dangers of genetic engineering to a near future where advances in artificial intelligence defy convenient notions of love, life and death, Bates (who is a PhD candidate in electrical engineering and has done research for the US Air Force) has engineered anaural anthology that will challenge the Starset faithful while delivering on the first a
  • Start:February 23, 2018
  • End:February 23, 2018
  • Recurring
  • Where:Summit Music Hall, 1902 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado, United States, 80202
  • Phone:N/A
  • Event Type:
  • Ticket Price:N/A


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